Are you a contender?

With only 3 days and a matter of hours before the official start of the 2013 RiceBowl Challenge, newcomer Sacopee Valley Middle School just sacked Auburn Middle School to take over the top spot in Pre-Season play.

Sacopee Valley’s success during the pre-season has a lot to do with some major offensive power coming fromĀ ME1941_18aroberts who leads all with 19,630 grains of rice donated so far. Five other players have over 10,000 grains of rice donated so far, 3 from Sacopee Valley. They are:

ME1941_18jsawyer – 17,880 – Sacopee Valley Middle School
ME1941_18sydniee – 11,680 – Sacopee Valley Middle School
ME1144_CodyB – 10,600 – Auburn Middle School
ME1941CHUCKNORRIS – 10,320 – Sacopee Valley Middle School
ME1699MEGHAN – 10,300 – Warsaw Middle School

Congratulations to our early leaders and to Sacopee Valley Middle School for rising to the top of the school scoreboard!

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