2013 RiceBowl Challenge Results

Congratulations to everyone who participated in this year’s challenge. Overall, the AFC Champions team led throughout the challenge and ultimately defeated the NFC Champions team 3,430,505 to 2,305,245. The Ravens defeated the 49ers as well in the same fashion. Maybe the RiceBowl Challenge is a predictor of SuperBowl results?

Overall, including the Pre-Season, a total of 6,463,270 grains of rice were donated to the World Food Programme by the RiceBowl Challenge (so far!). That’s enough rice to help feed a person for 11 months or 336 days.

Special recognition to our top four school teams:

Rank Team Grades State Total
1 Messalonskee Middle School 6-8 ME 1,711,680
2 Auburn Middle School 7-8 ME 1,541,000
3 Gorham Middle School 6-8 ME 752,070
4 Sacopee Valley Middle School 7-8 ME 572,410

and the top twelve overall individual players:

Rank Username Team School Total
1 ME1862_broncos Messalonskee Middle School ME 229,650
2 ME1862_BOUNCYMAN17 Messalonskee Middle School ME 188,620
3 ME1941_Boston Sacopee Valley Middle School ME 163,260
4 ME1862_Crazybrad2 Messalonskee Middle School ME 157,240
5 ME1862_17fmcalkins Messalonskee Middle School ME 127,350
6 ME1862_KSI_JACOB Messalonskee Middle School ME 94,600
7 me1862_GeneralDubuc Messalonskee Middle School ME 81,600
8 ME1144_CodyB Auburn Middle School ME 75,460
9 ME1941_17DJ Sacopee Valley Middle School ME 67,520
10 CAdnhs_halcyon99 Del Norte High School CA 50,980
11 CAdnhs_Erikxavier Del Norte High School CA 50,000
12 ME1144_Haley Auburn Middle School ME 48,740
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