Team Team Total Yesterday # of Members
RiceBowl - AFC Champions Team 0 0 833
RiceBowl - NFC Champions Team 0 0 454

School ScoreBoard

Teachers, if you would like your school totals to be included on the School Scoreboard so that your school can compete against other registered schools, you must register your school in advance before your student accounts are created. See the 2013 Results!

Rank Team Grades State Total
1 Coming Soon! 00
These totals will be updated once per day

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After registering your school, you will be assigned a team prefix that must be used when creating your students’ account. Then, your students must join and play as a member of one of the two RiceBowl Challenge teams. If your students play using a different account or do not join a RiceBowl Challenge team, then we won’t know that they should be included in your team totals! Your team prefix will be emailed to you within 24-48 hours of registration.

Once you have your team prefix, visit the Sign Up page to start creating your student accounts!

Maine schools, you have been pre-registered. Download Maine prefixes here.

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